Isolate Labs Inc. is a process and product development company focused on the application and development of supercritical carbon dioxide processing. With over 40 years of combined experience in the chemical process, extraction, and brewing industries, we take a unique approach to the utilization of this effective and green process. From ingredient manufacturing, toll processing, and de-alcoholization to industrial applications such as aero-gels, we are able to create the best possible process in order to create the highest quality products available.

Oast House Oils specializes in the extraction of aroma and flavor components from hops, citrus, and floral ingredients for use in brewing and other industries. By utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) we are able to extract a perfect aroma/ flavor profile in the ratios just as Mother Nature intended . By using aroma/flavor extracts in your brewing process, you are able to precisely control aroma/flavor profiles and maximize your yields due to lower usage of solid biomass that requires clarification to finish the beer. Whether you are a home brewer or a commercial brewer, naturally extracted hop and citrus terpenes are the perfect addition to any brewing process.

Lafayette, CO